Welcome to Counselling

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website for New Beginnings Therapy. If you have come across this site then you or someone you know may be at a stage in life of feeling that things aren't quite how they should be.  Let me reassure you there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

At New Beginnings Therapy I offer Counselling and Therapy for adults, adolescents and children from Birkdale road on the North Shore, Auckland.  Sessions are also available on request from St Lukes Community, 130 Remuera Road.

My service is aimed at people who want to improve themselves, to perhaps overcome some kind of inner distress, and to experience an increase in overall life satisfaction.  The goal will be that by the end of therapy with me that a new brightness can be felt that has perhaps been lacking.

I believe that everyone has the capacity within themselves to be able to live a rewarding and meaningful life whatever the presenting issues.  I know that Counselling and Therapy makes this happen from my experience working in practice. 

Deciding to see a Therapist is a courageous thing to do and sometimes people remember it as one of the most important things they have ever done.  There can still be some stigma attached to seeing a Counsellor which is thankfully changing.  In my view and from my practical experience it is important to attach value to our own mental health and to think about what quality our life really holds if our mental state is not one which is constructive and healthy. 

Please feel free to browse the site and to contact me by phone or e-mail with any questions you may have about New Beginnings Therapy. I will endeavour to get back to all enquiries.  I am also happy to arrange through a text message to have a free phone consultation to give you the opportunity to decide if to go ahead with Counselling sessions with me would be good for you.  

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If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide then contact the closest major hospital or dial 111 if it is an emergency.  Most major hospitals have a crisis centre for dealing with people at risk of suicide.  'An attempted suicide is often followed by other attempts.  A family history of suicide indicates a higher risk. (Read, 1993) cited by A. Ferguson (2002).  'Warning signs of suicide are: isolation and withdrawal from regular activities, feelings of hopelessness or lack of control, changes in behaviour that are sudden or out of character, feelings of anxiety and panic, saying goodbye, making a will and giving things away.' (A.Ferguson, 2002)