About Me

 My background...

I am originally from the UK. I have been living in Auckland, New Zealand since January 2009 and am now a Permanent Resident here. For the last 15 years I have worked helping and assisting others through Counselling and other supportive/rehabilitation work.  I have worked as an English language teacher, in care homes with young people, as a childrens Counsellor (face to face and on the phone), a Counsellor for adults in various settings, in mental health residential units, and in rehabilitation with clients with traumatic brain injuries.  I have also worked as an Assessor and planned goals for clients in conjunction with ACC to aid rehabilitation.

I had my own experience of being a client to Counselling in 2002 which lead to my desire to practice as a Counsellor myself one day.  I was able to qualify myself in 2008.  I feel my experience as a client deepened my level of empathy which I am now able to offer clients.  I learned the value of Counselling and the importance of good mental health and realised that we have very little without it.  My life since this time has very much been about trying to find ways to personally develop through personal therapy, groups, and Counselling reading.  I have had involvement with a personal and spiritual development group which helped in deepening my compassion and connection to life.  Coming to New Zealand has felt like an almost scripted part of my spiritual journey.  I feel New Zealand to be my spiritual home.  I have been running New Beginnings Therapy since 2010 and full time since April 2015.   

Who I've helped and how I may help you...

I have helped people with issues such as co-dependence, anger management, anxiety, relationship counselling, and grief counselling.  Sometimes though people just come to Counselling with the feeling that things just aren't how they'd like them to be and the therapy process naturally leads to an uncovering of what is at the root of this. I have witnessed the Counselling process work time and time again and I know it works.  I have seen it work for clients and also had the experience of it working for myself.  I specialise in helping people to uncover their true selves and in breaking old damaging patterns.  I use a holistic approach and create an environment whereas the individual can feel accepted for who they are and where they are at on their own individual journey.  I believe everyone has within them the capacity to grow and change whatever the presenting issue is.  My grounding training is Person Centred Counselling (see overview on links page) but I also use other techniques to support this to aid the therapeutic process. 

I practice cognitive behavioral therapy which can often be useful and also offer recommendations of different books and resources depending on the needs of the client.  I see every client as an individual and very much work to adapt to what you need and what is helpful with regular reviews of what is working and what isn't.  I work with adults, adolescents, children, and couples in my work.

Where I can meet you, my relevant qualifications, and ethical standards..

I see clients at private Counselling rooms at Birkdale Road, Birkdale, North Shore, Auckland.  On request I will also see clients at St Lukes Community, 130 Remuera Road, Remuera.

I am a provisional member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) . I work with strong ethical standards which comply to the NZAC and hold a current annual certificate with this association.

2008. Diploma in Theory and Practice of Counselling

2001. BA (Hons) Degree in Combined Studies (Psychology)

Other short study Diplomas in: Nutrition, Philosophy, Business management.