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Philip Walker is a dedicated, experienced and effective counsellor. I highly recommend Philip.

Dr Amanda Ferguson, Registered Psychologist, Organisational Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Phil worked as a counsellor at Side By Side in England as a volunteer trainee. As one of the co ordinators of the organisation, I would like to thank him for his valuable input. He was a great team member, always having positive suggestions to offer and being open and honest with peers and clients. Positive feedback from clients demonstrated Phil's professional, caring nature as a therapist.

Lyn Renn, Person Centred Counsellor and Safeguarding Officer in FE

I worked with Phil for a year in England, as his colleague and supervisor, in the field of social childcare. Phil always displayed excellent empathy with the young people, and was supportive of their rights to advocacy and input, as well as being a strong and supportive team member. Phil always responded to challenges in a positive and professional manner which ensured both the safety and the emotional wellbeing of the young people in our care.


Very relaxing session. Nice treat as I often do not do anything for myself. The session helped me to relax and helped to relieve nerve pain. Thank you for your time and the Reiki session, Philip.

Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck

Thank you to Philip and your clients from the Auckland City Mission for the wonderful support you are providing to the City Mission. The home cooked, healthy meals and tinned food donations are greatly appreciated. It is fantastic that Philip is supporting his community through his therapy service. Best wishes to you from everyone at the Auckland City Mission.

Auckland City Mission

Phil is a dedicated and professional counsellor, he is great at listening, feeding back and giving good advice.

Anonymous (1)

I have known Phil since 1998 and he has always been known to help others and be very supportive to help people resolve personal problems and boost self confidence.  He is a dedicated Counsellor and has a passion for helping people with issues with relationships.

Anonymous (2)

I've found Phil to be a wonderful, passionate and caring person.  He's quite holistic in his approach and always ready to expand his already excellent skills and knowledge of the profession.  As a mentor and coach to the LGBT community, I also highly recommend LGBT people. We need more people like Phil in this field.

Phil is passionate about his counselling work, and while I have not been a client myself I know that Phil is a hardworking, thoughtful and easy person to talk to.

Sarah Ure

Phil is a dedicated and professional Counsellor, he is great at listening, feeding back and giving good advice.

Nichola Jones

Phil is a very professional therapist and helped me greatly with my personal issues.  I highly recommend his service. Rick