Social projects

Auckland City Mission Logo

New Beginnings Therapy regularly donates food to Auckland City Mission and is currently on track to donate a total of $500 worth of food during 2017.  It is hoped this will increase in future years.

This is a social initiative in order to create a positive ripple effect through society and impact positively on a clear issue which New Zealand currently faces.  Know that in choosing New Beginnings Therapy that not only are you getting a high quality service for a good price but also you are making this difference immediately in the lives of others by providing a meal for those without the means to eat.


HOPE Worldwide Pakistan Logo

New Beginnings Therapy is currently supporting HOPE Worldwide Pakistan.  This is a registered charity which seeks to eradicate poverty and support people to live better lives.  New Beginnings Therapy is working with HOPE to create a Psychosocial program to support refugees in Thailand.  These are mainly people of Pakistani nationality and of the Christian faith who are escaping persecuction.  It is anticipated this program will be up and running by late 2017.