Counselling services

My fees:

My fee is $100 per one hour session of individual counselling, $110 for couples, $120 for 3 or more people.  If you search around you will find this to be a very reasonable rate and my qualifications, experience and passion you will find to be of a high standard.  If my fee is the only thing preventing you from booking a session then do call anyway and I am happy to come to a negotiable price for your circumstances.  My fees do operate on a sliding scale so all my clients with certain circumstances are given reduced fees.  If my fee is the only thing preventing you from booking a session please do still contact me and we can see what we can arrange.

When sessions are over the phone or skype I also offer 30 minute sessions for $50. In the case of sessions over the phone I will e-mail a list of key points from the session for further support.

How many sessions to budget for:

A good idea is to budget for 8 sessions to begin with.  This gives a good amount of time to get to the depth of an issue and to allow the work done to become evident in your day to day life.  After this time clients may wish to change to have fortnightly sessions.  I like to make an informal agreement that you will let me know a session before a final session should you wish to end.  This can allow us to review what has been achieved and resolve any unfinished business.

Some clients like to stay in therapy for longer periods for reasons of general personal development and growth.  Please ask any questions and feel free to discuss.  The success of Counselling is primarily based on the relationship between the Counsellor and client so that is always what I will work with you to create as well as possible.

For people managers:

If you are the manager of a company and have some concerns about an employee and feel that Counselling would be of help to them then I can invoice you as the company manager directly with prices plus GST.  It can be good in these situations to talk this through with the employee first and then let them decide from looking at my page whether or not I would be a good fit.  

Other information:

Before booking a therapy session please feel free to contact me for any general questions about Counselling, my approach, professional accountability or how the sessions work. I have a regular Counselling supervision from a trained Counselling Supervisor who is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.  I also have specialist monthly mentoring from an Australian Psychologist.  These things help support me personally and professionally to keep me in my best condition to best support you. 

I accept payment in cash or cheques payable to New Beginnings Therapy Limited.  I work with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families.

I have session times available from 9am - 8pm Monday to Saturday from Birkdale Community House.

Sessions are also available on request from St Lukes Community, 130 Remuera Road.  Please contact me and we can discuss what will work.

I also do telephone counselling and online counselling (Skype).

Often I will make a list of important points to think about from the therapy session which clients can take away.  In the case of Skype or Phone sessions I will send this via e-mail.