I believe that everyone has the capacity within themselves to be able to live a rewarding and meaningful life whatever the presenting issues.  I know that Counselling and Therapy makes this happen from my experience working in practice.

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Hi! I am Phil.

An Experienced Counsellor and Family Therapist in Auckland.

If you are at a stage in life of feeling that things aren’t quite how they should be.  Let me reassure you there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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About Me

I have worked helping and assisting others through Counselling and other supportive/rehabilitation work for 15 years.  Also, I work with strong ethical standards which comply to the NZAC and hold a current annual certificate with this association.

  • 2008. Diploma in Theory and Practice of Counselling
  • 2001. BA (Hons) Degree in Combined Studies (Psychology)
  • Other Diplomas in: Nutrition, Philosophy, Business management.
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Welcome to Counselling

My service is aimed at people who want to improve themselves, to overcome inner distress, and to experience an increase in overall life satisfaction.

The goal will be that by the end of therapy with me that a new brightness can be felt that has perhaps been lacking.

Anger management

Anger has being such a major theme and common issue now.Trying to control an emotion is what leads to it becoming trapped and distorted and coming out at points in a way which may not be appropriate.
If you have issues with anger rest assured that with Anger management Auckland I will only be encouraging you to bring all these strong emotions to session. With the right nurturing these can be chanelled to support you to create the life you want.


I see many clients with relationship issues. Sometimes I see clients individually who just work on themselves to get a greater sense of self knowledge and self esteem to be able to build a better relationship with their partner and to relate better. We then look into rebuilding a sense of self esteem and to be able to interact in an adult to adult assertive manner. The goal is to work to build interdependent relationships based on maturity and mutual respect.


Clients I work with in Conselling will typically always have some grief to work with. Some clients come to specifically work on grief e.g. dealing with the death of a loved one. Through the person centred support I am able to offer in the sessions clients are able to go through a grieving process to be able to ultimately move on and let go. The work of Kubler Ross on grief can be helpful to identify the different stages you may be working with if you are going through grief of some sort.


If you are spending time with someone who is leaving you feeling somehow less than and somehow drained after your interactions with them then you may be dealing with someone with narcissistic personality disorder or perhaps someone with another kind of pathological mental health issue.
I have personal experience, counselling skills and much knowledge around this area to be able to support you on your recovery journey. Please contact me if you require help and support with this issue.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a useful therapy I practice to some degree with almost every client I see. I studied this in my Psychology degree and Counselling diploma and am also completing a diploma specifically in this subject.
Through CBT we can realise what the dysfunctional thoughts are and challenge them to take the anxiety off. It can also enable us to go deeper as we realise where these thoughts may have come from. More work in Counselling can go into more emotional depth in talking about the original stress of where it came from.

My Fee

My fee is $110 per one hour session of individual counselling, $120 for couples, $130 for 3 or more people. 

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The gift of Narcissists

I have been interested in this topic for a long time now. I read a great post about it here (https://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/09/why-the-world-needs-narcissists/) a good while ago now which I often refer […]

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